Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The battle was fought on 12 November 1796 to prevent Alvintzy reaching Verona. Bonaparte defeated the Austrians, who retreated to the west towards Montebello. The battle of Arcola would be fought three days later to hold the French and allow the Austrian retreat to continue.

After a day of rest and food shopping we set off early to explore Arcola, stopping at Caldiero on the way. There is not a lot to see in the town, which is much expanded since the battle and pretty tatty. However we did drive around the battle area and stopped at the village of San Marco, which was where the French launched their attack on the Austrians in and around Caldiero.

This more detailed map of the battle gives a better idea of the terrain, location of towns and the flow of the battle.

This building is typical of the local farms in the Caldiero and San Marco area

The road is modern, but follows the direction of the French attack on the Austrian positions on the hill in the centre distance.

The church stands on the cross roads in the small village of Belfiore. This village changed hands many times during the three day battle of Arcola. Massena repeatedly took this town from the Austrians to secure the left flank of Bonaparte’s attack on Arcola

The modern village of Belifore looks nothing like it would have done in 1796, and is not of much interest apart from the church.

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