Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monte Baldo

Our next battlefield on the list was Rivoli, where on 14 January 1797 Bonaparte defeated the Austrian general Alvintzy. The main Austrian advance was along Monte Baldo, which is the first mountain range to the right of Lake Garda in the map above.

We had a lovely day for the drive through Rivoli and along Monte Baldo. We found this pleasant spot for lunch and to read up on the battle.
A short distance north of Rivoli is the small village of La Corona, where the French attempted (but failed) to stop the Austrian advance.
Whilst exploring the area around La Corona we found a path leading downhill to an old monastery. It was not involved in the battle, but made a nice little detour

Along the path downhill was a “stations of the cross”, which led to the church itself – which is perched right on a ledge overlooking the Aidge valley.

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